Case Study 1

Our client, a high flying city employee, approached us as he was offered a redundancy package by his employers.

Upon analysis of the facts of the case we quickly realised that the employer had failed in its legal obligation to consider suitable alternative employment for the employee concerned.

Through careful negotiation with the employer and  being confident of our client’s legal grounds we were able to increase the original offer of settlement by 70% much to our client’s delight.

Case Study 2

Our client was a gentleman in his 60’s. He had been subjected to comments from his employers which indicated that his age was an issue of concern for them.

We analysed the facts and presented a case for age discrimination to his employers. At the same time we wrote to the employers on a without prejudice basis asking them to resolve matters. They chose not to do so: proceedings swiftly followed.

The matter was ultimately resolved in our client’s favour but not before we had reached up to the disclosure stage of the proceedings at the tribunal.

We were successful in not only settling the matter but also in recovering all of our client’s legal fees. He was very happy.