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Protecting You And Those You Do Business With

Privacy contracts, clauses and policies are essential for any business. They do two things:

  • reassure customers, suppliers and business partners
  • provide certain protections for your business against breach of privacy claims.


Nath Solicitors in London drafts clear, concise terms and can negotiate privacy clauses that protect your interests and offers confidence to those you do business with.

What is confidential information?

The subjective view of the parties is not definitive in deciding what constitutes confidential information. Too wide a definition will be counter-productive. If it cannot be objectively justified, the risk is that more will be lost than the wide definition had tried to gain.

We understand both the relevant legislation and case law interpretations of what constitutes confidential information and will advise you accordingly.


Privacy contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

If the discussions between the parties to the NDA are successful, they will need to formalise their relationship in some form. This might be through a joint venture agreement, investment agreement, a sale and purchase agreement or some other commercial agreement.

The NDA will need to continue in force until the substantive agreement is signed and is itself in force.

We will make sure the main agreement will include the privacy clauses and policies you require to protect your best interests.


Remedies for breach of privacy

If a privacy clause or contract has been breached, we can help you find a legal remedy. We work with expert counsel who can assist us if required, and we are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods such as round-table negotiation and mediation.

Remedies for breach of privacy clauses or contracts can include injunctions and damages.

To discuss how we can assist you with privacy contracts, clauses, and policies, please call our London office on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.



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