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Nath Solicitors has years of experience working with players in multiple market sectors in London, within the UK and internationally. So we’ve developed an understanding of what motivates each party to a contract. This, allows us to negotiate robustly to protect the best interests of our clients.

As a result, the companies we work with know they can rely on our legal expertise when it comes to interpreting and negotiating their commercial contracts.

Helping you interpret key clauses of commercial contracts

Misinterpretation of clauses is a major cause of contractual disputes. We protect you from expensive disputes and possible litigation by providing you with a clear interpretation of each individual clause within a commercial agreement.

Before you sign we tell you what everything means. We break down legal the jargon, explain each term in clear, concise language and provide you with the practical advice you need.

We help you see the consequences of agreeing to a particular clause.


What’s important when negotiating a contract?

Whether it is an employment or commercial contract, there is no better time to negotiate terms than at the beginning of the relationship. Because we have worked across so many market sectors and international jurisdictions, we can effectively negotiate contractual terms that will help you reach your ultimate commercial objectives.

Our solicitors are commercially astute and smart. For you, this means effective negotiators on your side. And we are used to negotiating with business people from different cultures, even when they are extremely senior in their organisation’s hierarchy.

By trusting us with your contractual negotiations, you can be confident that agreements will be tipped in your favour, but also fair and reasonable to the other party, thereby encouraging a long-term, amicable commercial relationship.

To discuss how we can assist you with interpreting and negotiating commercial contracts, please call our London office on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.



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