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At Nath Solicitors in London our expert solicitors understand contract law. But we know you expect more than that. Which is why we will partner with your business, taking the time to understand your commercial ambitions and formulate contracts to support these for the long term.

Why invest in well-drafted contracts?

Robust, well-drafted contracts are essential to the performance and growth of any business. And if your commercial agreements do not have the basics of contract formation correct you could seriously damage your business. Your ability to deliver to your clients and meet your commercial targets could be greatly affected.


Working with you to understand the type of contracts you need

In today’s uncertain economic climate, organisations need contracts that are geared specifically toward their business. Of course, all contracts must follow a basic legal formula of offer, acceptance, consideration, and intention to create legal relations. But we go further, designing contracts that match your industry’s requirements and the other parties’ expectations.


What are the key provisions of commercial contracts?

We will ensure we protect your legal position by including terms that cover:

  • payment and payment terms
  • the description of relevant goods and services
  • timescales
  • warranties and indemnities
  • dispute resolution clauses
  • IP rights
  • confidentiality provisions
  • how and when the agreement can be terminated
  • the legal situation if the contract cannot be completed due to war or natural disaster
  • the legal jurisdiction which will govern the contract should a dispute arise

There are also a number of implied terms in commercial contracts. We will ensure you and your team are aware of how these apply to your commercial agreements.


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Our experts in contract formation will work with you and/or your in-house legal team to develop, negotiate and execute the contracts your business needs to grow, both in the UK and internationally if applicable.

To discuss how we can assist you with legal advice on contract formation, call our London office on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.



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