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Many challenges come with running a business. Working closely with other shareholders, directors and partners will allow you to grow your business more quickly, but disputes can easily arise as different parties seek to pursue common commercial objectives. Resolving these disputes quickly and effectively can be stressful and draining, but the shareholder disputes lawyers at Nath Solicitors can provide expert guidance to support you and your fellow shareholders to reach a consensus as swiftly as possible without your business and reputation suffering unnecessary damage.

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When are Shareholder Disputes Likely to Occur?

There are a wide range of scenarios that can lead to shareholder disputes. From the outset, we recommend that companies have a shareholders’ agreement in place to help address and resolve disputes quickly. However, we appreciate that there will be circumstances where no agreement has been established or where a dispute cannot be resolved by reference to the shareholders’ agreement. We regularly advise clients on disputes relating to:

  • Boardroom decisions
  • Removal of a director or shareholder
  • Commercial strategies and business structures
  • Exit and retirement packages
  • Ending or dissolving commercial relationships

Our Areas of Expertise

We will work closely with you to advise on commercial solutions in areas such as:

Directors Duties and Claims for Misfeasance

Our solicitors are highly experienced in bringing and defending claims for misfeasance. Directors have a duty of care to their company in exchange for the protections afforded by limited liability and, should a breach of their fiduciary duty occur, a claim for misfeasance may be initiated. We can provide support for directors and shareholders throughout this process in a timely fashion to protect your personal position and that of your company.

Unfair Prejudice Petitions and Derivative Claims

We have many years of experience acting on behalf of minority shareholders and firms where allegations have been made regarding unfairly prejudicial conduct. We can provide robust and proactive guidance if you believe your interests as a shareholder, or the interests of a group of shareholders, have been detrimentally affected by the conduct of other shareholders in the company.

Injunctive Proceedings and Restrictive Covenants

Our lawyers are available to act immediately on your behalf both in bringing and defending such proceedings. Working with colleagues from across our commercial team, your solicitor can quickly provide technical advice to help you achieve the best commercial result.

Contact Our Shareholder Dispute Lawyers in London

Our solicitors provide exceptional service for shareholders across a comprehensive range of sectors with many years of experience acting on behalf of clients ranging from large corporates to owner-managed businesses. We can provide clear, pragmatic, commercially focused legal advice no matter the complexities involved. Our shareholder dispute solicitors can offer support that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Whether you are looking for guidance on your legal rights and obligations or support as part of a dispute resolution procedure, Nath Solicitors will have you covered. Our dispute resolution solicitors are available to discuss your case today. Please call Nath Solicitors on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.


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    Examples of our recent work

    London Court of Internation Arbitration Cases:

    Acted in and won judgment in an international case where a multi-million pound claim was brought against our client who is a large player in the mining industry. The case was brought by an individual for breach of contract; the case involved agency law, agents' duties and breach of fiduciary duties of good faith by the agent; the claimant’s claims were dismissed in entirety by the London Court of International Arbitration.

    International claim for breach of contract: claim involved a senior professional who was the managing partner of a large accounting practice. Proceedings were issued in the LCIA and the matter was successfully resolved.

    High Court of Justice London cases:

    Claim for breach of contract: Acted for the claimant where substantial funds which were due to the claimant were withheld by the defendant; the matter was successfully resolved to the claimant’s favour with the return of all monies due plus interest.

    Shareholders Dispute: Claim for breach of contract: Acted successfully for the claimants in a claim for breach of the shareholders agreement and payments due to them.

    Restraint of Trade: Acted successfully for defendants who had received a letter before claim for alleged breach of restrictive covenants. This resulted in a successful and happy conclusion to the matter for all parties.


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