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Your good name matters. When the reputation of your business or your personal character is at stake, doing nothing is rarely an option. Attacks on reputation now come from many quarters both in the digital space and offline, and reputations built up over many years can be destroyed overnight.

Nath Solicitors helps protect and restore your reputation. This might involve ongoing advice designed to maintain and promote your personal or professional profile. Or it could see us quickly engage the appropriate legal remedies when your position is threatened.

We have offices in Central London and our expert lawyers help clients in North West London and East London. Of course, we also serve individuals and businesses across a wider area, including those in Reading, Essex and throughout England and Wales.

Legal Advice On Image And Reputation: What We Do

Unlike many firms of our size we have decades of first-hand experience working with clients for whom reputation is everything. We’ve acted for high profile businesses, business leaders and executives, celebrities and others in the public eye as well as high net worth individuals and those who for various reasons wish to closely guard their privacy.

We believe our understanding of the needs of people in these highly sensitive positions adds real value to our services in the reputation management sector.

Our Services

We use our expertise across a wide range of traditional legal practice areas to offer clients a comprehensive reputation management service. For example:

  • Defamation – We advise on some of the most serious and complex issues around defamation both online and offline. We are on hand to provide advice on prevention of publication of defamatory comments about you or your business, deal with online harassment by internet trolls, liaise with ISPs and search engines to quickly remove defamatory material and to enforce your legal ‘right to be forgotten’.
  • Litigation – We represent clients involved in complex litigation matters around their professional reputation and personal standing. With close connections to trusted, irst-rate barristers when required we can move quickly to get injunctions and other urgent relief.
  • ADR – we use all forms of alternative dispute reputation, including arbitration, to resolve disputes about privacy and reputation. Held away from the glare of publicity sometimes associated with court proceedings arbitration and mediation are particularly suited to finding solutions to even the most bitterly contested and sensitive reputational issues.
  • Privacy and Data – Whether managing the reputational fallout from serious data breaches in the commercial sphere or tacking online trolls and malicious online postings we work tirelessly to minimise potential commercial or personal damage

How We Work

With offices in central London we are close to all the main court and arbitration centres that deal with disputes about reputation. This helps us run an efficient and cost-effective practice for our clients.

While it makes sense to take advantage of technology to deal with queries remotely via text and email (this reduces your costs and helps us deal quickly with your concerns) we put great store on the personal nature of our service. No matter where you’re based, we’ll always organise face to face meetings when you wish or when the status of your case requires it.

Contact Us

If you have concerns about a threat to your professional or personal reputation, get in touch with our director Shubha Nath at Nath Solicitors on 44 (0) 203 983 8278 or contact the firm online.


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