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The specialist super-injunction lawyers at Nath Solicitors have a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of celebrity and high-profile clients.

We are experts when it comes to litigation, with exceptional skills in advocacy and many years of experience representing individuals in a comprehensive range of civil cases. Our specialist defamation solicitors will act efficiently and professionally on your behalf, with meticulous attention to detail, taking all available steps to protect your position. When you instruct one of our solicitors, you can be confident that your case and your reputation are in the very best hands.

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Expert Super-Injunction Solicitors in London

A super-injunction is a type of civil court order, called an injunction, that either prevents someone from carrying out a specific act or compels them to do something. Injunctions are often used in a media law context to prevent the publication of private, confidential inaccurate or defamatory information. With the prevalence of social media over the last decade, injunctions have increasingly been used to force individuals to remove information they have published online.

A super-injunction is a particularly powerful type of injunction. It prevents confidential or private information about the applicant being published but also prevents information about the existence of the injunction being published. Super-injunctions have, in many cases, been used by high-profile individuals to avoid information about their private lives from being published in the media. When a judge agrees to grant a super-injunction, a newspaper is not only prevented from publishing the story, but it cannot print any story detailing how the individual took legal steps to stop private information from being revealed.

When will a Super-Injunction be Granted?

A super-injunction is a type of interim injunction – that is a temporary injunction that usually will stay in force to trial when the applicant is seeking to sue another party. If the claim is successful, the court can grant a permanent injunction.

To grant a super-injunction, a judge will need to be satisfied that the applicant has a robust arguable claim and that an injunction is necessary. They will also need to be satisfied that, following successful court action, an injunction is likely to be granted. At every stage, our experienced solicitors will keep you fully informed regarding your options and provide clear, realistic advice on what steps are open to you. We will take a robust and ruthless approach to ensure the highest possible chance of success in your case.

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At Nath Solicitors, we have specialist defamation solicitors advising individuals and businesses, of all sizes and types, on a comprehensive range of libel matters. We offer our clients clarity, certainty and a strategic approach that is second to none. Throughout your dealings with us, our defamation team will be on hand to act quickly and effectively in response to developments in your case. Whatever your circumstances, contact us today to find out how we can manage your defamation matter. Our defamation solicitors are on hand to take immediate legal action on your behalf. Please call Nath Solicitors today on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.


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