If you don’t handle commercial disagreements right, the effects on your business operations can be crippling. No one likes to go to court. It’s expensive and time consuming. It can be incredibly stressful on parties.

At Nath Solicitors in London we always try to resolve matters early on. And we have an impressive track record of successfully settling complex and bitter commercial disagreements.




 Looking at the merits of your case

Our hands-on business experience means we can analyse the complicated legal issues that arise in commercial situations. Our priority is to communicate these straightforwardly, free of legal jargon.

We’ll give you a well-thought-through legal view of your position – your prospects of success and the remedies available to you.

If matters cannot be resolved, we can assist you whether you are the claimant or the defendant in proceedings before the County Court, High Court or an Employment Tribunal.

 What we do

Our commercial dispute resolution cases include:

  • business disputes relating to the sale and purchase of goods or provision of services
  • corporate shareholder and partnership disputes
  • intellectual property disputes
  • injunctions
  • property disputes
  • franchise disputes
  • contractual disputes

International companies and UK disputes

International companies and people based overseas regularly ask us to help resolve legal disputes that have arisen in the UK.  As we are used to working in an international environment and providing advice in such situations, we are able to assess the position quickly and give a quick opinion as to how the matter should proceed.

Fixed fee debt recovery

We provide a fixed fee business debt recovery service for undisputed invoices. We have a specialist debt recovery team that can act quickly and effectively to assist you by taking your instruction by telephone and sending out a letter within 24 hours of your instruction.

We will also conduct a search for you on your debtor to see if the case is worth pursuing. If it is we will send out a letter before action, issue the legal proceedings and obtain judgement in winding up or bankruptcy proceedings.

Reducing The Possibility Of Commercial Disputes

As a respected commercial law firm, most of our work is focused on identifying potential legal pitfalls before harmful disputes arise. We spot what might be wrong with the structures you have in place and the way you do business with outsiders. By remedying defects proactively, we minimise the chances of future problems.

Contact us

We are committed to providing the very best strategic advice that enables you to get on with what matters – running your business knowing that you have done all you can to avoid potentially disruptive and commercially damaging legal issues.

If you are concerned about a business debt or disagreement or wish to discuss our fixed fee debt recovery service, call us on 0203 670 5540.