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Defamation is taking place increasingly on social media and can cause substantial damage to the reputation of both individuals and businesses. If this has happened to you, you need lawyers you can trust.

The nature of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter means that malicious or damaging content can be shared easily and quickly and with such an extensive reach, this information can spread rapidly unless swift and effective action is taken. If your business has suffered as a result of defamatory information being shared online, speak to our social media defamation lawyers in London today on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.

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Social Media Defamation Lawyers in London

For those who do not regularly use social media, the unique ways in which defamatory content can be shared may be confusing. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr use different methods to allow users to access and share posts with and from other users. This can lead to a significant number of people viewing thoughts, views or articles quickly. Some of the ways that defamatory information about your business can spread include:

  • ‘Shares’ – when one user posts a link to information that can be followed by their friends or followers
  • ‘Retweets’ – when Twitter users re-post information from another Twitter account to their own feed
  • ‘Likes’ – when users engage with content that someone else has posted – this can often be seen by their friends or followers

Defamatory statements can be made in a variety of ways including by word of mouth, in written publications or, increasingly, on social media. If something that is unfair or untrue is posted about your business that is likely to bring your firm down in the estimation of others, this will in many cases be considered defamation of character.

Libel and slander constitute different forms of defamation. Defamatory content that is in a permanent form – usually information that is produced in a written publication, is broadcast on television or radio or published on a website – will be considered libel. Defamatory statements that take a more transient form – for example, if someone talks about your business to someone else – will be regarded as slander.

Malicious Falsehood, Harassment and Misuse of Private Information

If you believe you have been the victim of malicious falsehood, harassment or misuse of private information on social media, the lawyers at Nath Solicitors can help.

Malicious Falsehood

Malicious falsehood claims are sometimes made in tandem with, or as an alternative to, defamation claims. Malicious falsehood is substantially similar to defamation, but it does not have to involve injury to reputation. A statement will be considered malicious if it can be shown that the person publishing it knew it was untrue or it was published to cause harm.


Harassment is a ‘course of conduct’ which causes victims to suffer distress, anxiety or alarm. It can be in the form of trolling or articles published on social media.

Misuse of Private Information

Misuse of information is a tort that continues to develop, due to social media; it is not only newspapers, magazines and TV stations which can now publish private content. It will be determined from the nature of the content published whether there would be a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’.

You can also read more about the social media defamation legal services and approach of Nath Solicitors, here and here.

What Should I Do if My Business has Been Defamed on Social Media?

If you discover that defamatory content about your business is being shared online, you should speak to one of the defamation lawyers at Nath Solicitors immediately. We will work quickly to put a strategy in place to protect your reputation by having the offending information removed, as well as supporting you in seeking an apology or clarification regarding this information and compensation for any harm caused to your business. We can also act on your behalf in pursuit of an undertaking that defamatory statements will not be posted in the future. If court action is required, we can provide representation in civil actions for damages or to seek an injunction.

Contact Our Social Media Defamation for Businesses Lawyers London

If your business has suffered as a result of defamatory information being shared online, speak to the social media defamation lawyers at Nath Solicitors. We will work efficiently on your behalf to ensure that the offending content is removed and can support you to take legal action for damages, compensation, correction and apology, or to take out an injunction against those who have published information about your business. Our team will ensure your case is handled in the best way, offering you a personal service to suit your needs.

Our defamation solicitors are here to provide proactive and pragmatic advice and on hand to take immediate legal action on your behalf. Please call Nath Solicitors today on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online and we will be in touch.

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    Examples of our recent work

    Acted successfully in an action against a Website Owner who had made a website about our client which contained false and defamatory allegations against him including that he was involved in scams/money laundering/fraud and that he had several extramarital relationships.

    Acted successfully and obtained judgment in the case of Daniel Olukoya and Folashade Olukoya V Maureen Badejo (2021); a case of defamation and harassment. The case involved approximately over 200 videos and posts across over 10 social media channels made by the Defendant against the Claimants. Overwhelming judgment with damage in favour of Claimants.

    Acted successfully for an Eastern Television Network who was the defendant in an action for defamation brought by an individual high-profile claimant; the action was dismissed.

    Acted for an individual claimant in a defamation action brought against him by other individuals in connection with missing funds relating to a charity.


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