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Partnership disputes can arise in a host of circumstances, even when a business is running successfully.

They will often lead to a great deal of disruption and uncertainty for the partners themselves, as well as employees and customers. While in many cases an adequately drafted partnership agreement can help to resolve disputes, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can make it difficult to deal with complex issues. If disputes are not managed and appropriately resolved, the outcome can be damaging to your career, your personal and professional reputation and result in a substantial loss of capital. This is why it is important that you seek expert and practical legal advice.

Partnership Dispute Lawyers in London

Expert Partnership Dispute Lawyers in London

Every partnership is unique – the reasons for a dispute may arise out of the specific nature of your business or professional relationship. However, there is a range of common scenarios that will often be the root cause of partnership disputes.


The actions of individual partners will often be considered reflective of your business as a whole. When one partner fails to uphold professional standards, this can have a massive impact on your relationship with customers, clients or other professionals. Misconduct may involve:

  • Being rude or aggressive to partners, employees or customers
  • Substance abuse or addiction issues
  • Fraud – for example, if one partner withdraws money from the business without the other partners’ consent or creates fraudulent clients or accounts
  • Theft
  • Breach of the partnership agreement
  • One partner fails to carry out an appropriate share of the work

This is a particularly common cause of disputes between partners and can come about for several reasons. It might be the case that the nature of your business means that one partner is not qualified or able to do certain types of work undertaken by your company, or that due to evolving economic factors the kind of work they can carry out is no longer as profitable as it once was. More simply, one partner may choose to spend more time away from the business than the other partners think is reasonable. It may also be the case that, due to age or health problems one of the partners is no longer able to carry out their role properly.

General Disputes

Disagreements between partners are normal in the course of any business – but if these disagreements escalate, they can have severe implications for the partnership as a whole. We can assist with disputes relating to, amongst others:

  • Responsibility and authority
  • How partnership income should be used
  • Pursuing commercial objectives
  • A breakdown in your professional relationship

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The partnership dispute lawyers at Nath Solicitors are highly experienced specialists when it comes to dealing with these issues. Whatever the nature of your dispute, we can provide clear, pragmatic advice on the rights and liabilities of respective parties and develop practical and pragmatic solutions to settle matters as quickly as possible. We offer a bespoke, personal service and with skills in mediation, arbitration, adjudication and expert determination we can work with you and other partners to achieve consensus professionally and sensitively.
Our dispute resolution solicitors are available to discuss your case today. Please call Nath Solicitors on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.


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    Examples of our recent work

    London Court of Internation Arbitration Cases:

    Acted in and won judgment in an international case where a multi-million pound claim was brought against our client who is a large player in the mining industry. The case was brought by an individual for breach of contract; the case involved agency law, agents' duties and breach of fiduciary duties of good faith by the agent; the claimant’s claims were dismissed in entirety by the London Court of International Arbitration.

    International claim for breach of contract: claim involved a senior professional who was the managing partner of a large accounting practice. Proceedings were issued in the LCIA and the matter was successfully resolved.

    High Court of Justice London cases:

    Claim for breach of contract: Acted for the claimant where substantial funds which were due to the claimant were withheld by the defendant; the matter was successfully resolved to the claimant’s favour with the return of all monies due plus interest.

    Shareholders Dispute: Claim for breach of contract: Acted successfully for the claimants in a claim for breach of the shareholders agreement and payments due to them.

    Restraint of Trade: Acted successfully for defendants who had received a letter before claim for alleged breach of restrictive covenants. This resulted in a successful and happy conclusion to the matter for all parties.


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