Our clients are sometimes surprised that an oral representation, made in person or on the phone, by someone with authority, can bind their company. Of course most contracts are written down but it is certainly possible to start or alter a contractual relationship without a
For start-ups as well as established businesses it is essential to anticipate bumps in the road that could destabilise day-to-day operations and profitability. For limited companies a comprehensive shareholder agreement should contain suitable provisions to minimise commercial disruption caused by future, turbulent events. For example:
It seems a long time ago now. But it was only in May 2016 – just weeks before the Brexit referendum – that the then Prime Minister David Cameron hosted a global anti-corruption summit. The government’s goal was ambitious: to ‘expose, punish and drive out
We’ve been watching the employment law case involving London-based Pimlico Plumbers with great interest. Now before the Supreme Court, the case centres on the claim by Gary Smith, an engineer, that he was a ‘worker’ at the plumbing giant (affording him greater employment law protection).