It seems a long time ago now. But it was only in May 2016 – just weeks before the Brexit referendum – that the then Prime Minister David Cameron hosted a global anti-corruption summit. The government’s goal was ambitious: to ‘expose, punish and drive out
We’ve been watching the employment law case involving London-based Pimlico Plumbers with great interest. Now before the Supreme Court, the case centres on the claim by Gary Smith, an engineer, that he was a ‘worker’ at the plumbing giant (affording him greater employment law protection).
Usually when clients come to us intending to make a legal claim they know who they want to sue. But what happens if you are unable to identify the individual or company that’s causing you damage? A Norwich Pharmacal order, obtained from court, can force
Over the last few years English courts have shifted back to construing commercial contracts in a strict, literal way. This approach departs from the more business-minded, common sense approach that judges here had adopted previously. It is therefore now more important than ever to make