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Protecting your reputation is a priority, regardless of business size or scope. If you or your business have experienced online defamation, you have to act quickly. You have several legal options available to you, and our team of specialist defamation lawyers can help you understand the best way forward.

View our most frequently asked questions below, and get in touch with our team today for more information.

What is Defamation?

Defamation arises when a statement is made or published about you to another person and that statement causes you serious harm and is untrue.

What if the words were said to me?

If words are said to you directly, you will not have a claim for defamation. For a defamation claim, the words must have been delivered to another person, other than yourself.

What is the legal time limit to make a claim?

An individual must make a claim for defamation within one year from the date the defamatory statement was made. If you are unsure about whether you can make a claim, contact our specialist defamation solicitors for advice.

Can I ask Google/Facebook/Instagram to remove the defamatory statements?

Whilst you can ask the social media platforms to remove the content, our experience shows that in most cases, the social media platforms do not remove content or get involved in a dispute situation. In these circumstances, you need to get professional help.

Can the police help with my defamation case?

Based upon the cases we have seen and advised on, the police do not get involved in defamatory matters; this is treated as a civil, rather than a criminal matter in the majority of cases.

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