Sale and purchase agreements are the lifeblood of the commercial world. Having drafted and negotiated commercial contracts for over 30 years, our London-based solicitors have experience in almost every type of sale and purchase contract, from large M&As to the sale of small businesses and stock.

Getting the details right

We understand how important it is to get the details right. We draft our heads of terms and sale and purchase agreements meticulously, with attention paid to every sentence. In addition, we will advise on negotiations, and negotiate on your behalf, to ensure your best interests are protected.


Understanding the motivations of both sides

Because both sellers and purchasers instruct us, we understand the motivations of all parties to a contract. This assists us in providing insight to our clients on why the other party is likely to want to include a particular clause. It also gives us the edge when entering negotiations on your behalf.


Protecting your interests

Our expert commercial contract law solicitors will protect your interests in a sale and purchase contract by ensuring it includes the relevant warranties and indemnities and sets out the extent of your liability if you are the seller.

If you are buying or selling a business, we will also advise you on your responsibilities under TUPE.

As experts in commercial contract law, you can be confident when instructing us that we will cover every element of your transaction when we draft your sale and purchase agreement. Our solicitors will also ensure a concise heads of terms is created prior to negotiations, saving you time and money as most of the points will have been outlined in advance of the main contract being drafted.

To discuss how we can assist you with your sale and purchase contract, call our London office on 0203 670 5540 to make an appointment. You can also contact us online.