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In business, it’s hard not to appreciate the value of personal information in today’s marketplace. But if you handle the personal information of customers or employees you are now under strict legal obligations about how you process that information, how you safeguard it from cyber attack and how you control it.

Our team of data protection solicitors specialise in providing advice to business clients and specialise in helping large businesses with their GDPR, data and privacy obligations. We regret that we cannot provide assistance to individuals on Data Protection.

At Nath Solicitors in London we offer support and guidance to businesses on all aspects of data protection law, including GDPR compliance issues. We also advise on the processes you can put in place to minimise the fallout from hacking and other cyber attacks on your business. Our thorough approach offers you protection both now and in the future. Whether you need short-term crisis support as a result of a data breach, or assistance to put in place a global program that meets the requirements set out by international data protection authorities, we are ready to assist you.

GDPR Compliance Lawyers

Our GDPR solicitors can provide you with a comprehensive and detailed strategy to help you meet your data protection obligations. We can analyse and advise on risk, provide bespoke training and create a culture of data protection in your business. Nath Solicitors have helped many clients across a broad variety of industries create and implement sustainable data protection policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of a data breach.

How we can help

Conducting data protection audits

We can assist you in evaluating your data processing activity and reviewing your current procedures and practices.  Our extensive audit provides a roadmap for your business to follow in order to demonstrate that you have taken appropriate measures to meet your GDPR obligations. We will assess the adequacy of your current set up as well as the risk, allowing us to make comprehensive recommendations for improvement.

Drafting privacy notices

Data subjects whose personal information is processed by your business should be issued with a formal privacy notice which is compliant with GDPR. Notices should be included in your terms and conditions with customers or clients, employee documents, and on your business website. We can help you draft these notices to be GDPR compliant.

 Advising on website policies and cookies notices

Your website privacy policy must set out how your business collects, stores and uses personal data obtained when a user accesses your website. Such a privacy policy is necessary to comply with fair processing obligations and to obtain users consent to the processing of their personal data when they use your website.

Compliance training

We offer bespoke training for Data Protection Officers, directors and managers in your organisation. If your organisation is required to appoint a Data Protection Officer, you must ensure that the person appointed has adequate knowledge, experience and resources to carry out this role.  Our advanced training on data protection risks, procedures and obligations can help you meet these requirements. Training may also be necessary for managers, directors and even staff members involved in the processing and management of data. We can help.

  • Drafting and updating contracts with data processors
  • Advising on data protection issues relating to commercial transactions
  • Advising on the appointment and responsibilities of your firm’s Data Protection Officer
  • Supporting in the maintenance of records 
  • Managing data breaches 


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    Many organisations offer advice on GDPR and data protection. Some are not legally qualified. The wrong advice can cause huge commercial disruption. At Nath we are solicitors first and foremost. Highly trained in an area that’s increasingly complex.

    GDPR compliance means different things to different businesses. We offer cost-effective, bespoke packages that suit your business, including gap analysis, data flow plans for GDPR and impact assessments.

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