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A clear, concise employment contract forms the foundation for employer/employee relationships.  It is, therefore, crucial to invest in the right strategic and legal advice at the outset.

Investment in quality employment contracts and handbooks pays excellent returns.  Not only is the risk of grievance action significantly reduced but all members of the organisation have clear visibility of the procedures to be followed for each scenario in addition to the values and goals of the organisation.

We understand the financial investment required by SMEs to ensure that contract and handbooks are expertly drafted.  By working with you, our contract lawyers will ensure that we understand your needs, budget and the return you expect from your investment.

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Our approach

We partner with our clients, working with owner-operators or HR teams to create bespoke employment contracts that fit with their commercial aims and company values.  Our employment solicitors understand every business is unique; therefore, we take the time to listen to what you need your employment contracts and staff handbooks to achieve and draft them accordingly.

International businesses

Many of our clients have international interests, and their employment contracts need to cover multiple jurisdictions.  As well as having an understanding of employment law in many countries, we have associates in those jurisdictions who we can call on when required.

Individual and collective agreements

As well as drafting individual employment contracts, we can create documents to manage the relationships between an employer and their employee representatives, such as a trade union.  We have the expertise required to negotiate terms with representatives, ensuring the clauses you need to protect your commercial interests are included in the documents.

Our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing they have robust employment contracts in place, that will stand up to the scrutiny of the Employment Tribunal and accurately communicates their company ethos.  If a dispute with an employee does materialise, they can rely on the dispute resolution clauses in their contract to resolve any disagreements quickly and lawfully.

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To discuss how we can assist you with drafting employment contracts and staff handbooks, please call our London office on 0203 983 8278  to make an appointment.

Please note we are unable to provide guidance to individuals seeking employment contract advice: we act on behalf of employers only.


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