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When you enter into an agreement for the supply of goods or services, a contract is formed from the terms of that agreement. Even when there is no written and signed agreement in place, a contract is formed as a result of the verbal agreement made between the parties. Disputes over the sale or purchase of goods and services can easily occur when supply is interrupted, the quality of the goods or service does not meet the standard expected, where there are defects that become apparent after delivery or when aspects of the original agreement change.

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Our Expertise

Our dispute resolution team are experienced in a wide variety of consumer disputes, including:

  • Banking and financial services disputes
  • Professional negligence including disputes with solicitors, accountants and other professional service providers
  • Estate agents and other agency disputes
  • Builder disputes
  • Disputes regarding the quality of goods such as cars, furniture and electronic goods

How Can I Act to Recover Losses as Part of a Sale or Purchase of Goods Dispute?

In many cases, the failure to provide adequate goods or services will constitute a breach of contract. A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties fails to fulfil their part of the agreement, whether this is in written form or merely an oral agreement. While the terms of an agreement might be found in the conditions of sale, there are a host of implied terms relating to the buying and selling of goods and services. Our skilled dispute resolution lawyers can advise on this, clearly and straightforwardly explaining your legal rights and the options available to you to recover any losses you have suffered. We can also take steps on your behalf to resolve the dispute by liaising with the other party, keeping you up to date throughout and advising on the commercial viability of any claim.

Contact Our Sale and Purchase of Goods Dispute Lawyers in London

The specialist dispute resolution lawyers at Nath Solicitors can act on your behalf on all matters concerning disputes and litigation that arise from the sale or purchase of goods and services. We can advise on the protections offered under the Consumer Act 2015 and how these impact upon your transaction, whether you are an individual who is dissatisfied with your purchase or business who wishes to challenge concerns raised by a consumer.

In addition to our experience in civil litigation, our sale and purchase of goods solicitors can support you to resolve matters quickly and effectively through alternative dispute resolution processes. We can also advise on recovering the costs of bringing or defending claims through any insurance policies you may have regarding the goods or services in question, for example, household or car insurance.

Our dispute resolution solicitors are available to discuss your case today. Please call Nath Solicitors on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.

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    Examples of our recent work

    London Court of Internation Arbitration Cases:

    Acted in and won judgment in an international case where a multi-million pound claim was brought against our client who is a large player in the mining industry. The case was brought by an individual for breach of contract; the case involved agency law, agents' duties and breach of fiduciary duties of good faith by the agent; the claimant’s claims were dismissed in entirety by the London Court of International Arbitration.

    International claim for breach of contract: claim involved a senior professional who was the managing partner of a large accounting practice. Proceedings were issued in the LCIA and the matter was successfully resolved.

    High Court of Justice London cases:

    Claim for breach of contract: Acted for the claimant where substantial funds which were due to the claimant were withheld by the defendant; the matter was successfully resolved to the claimant’s favour with the return of all monies due plus interest.

    Shareholders Dispute: Claim for breach of contract: Acted successfully for the claimants in a claim for breach of the shareholders agreement and payments due to them.

    Restraint of Trade: Acted successfully for defendants who had received a letter before claim for alleged breach of restrictive covenants. This resulted in a successful and happy conclusion to the matter for all parties.


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