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To protect sensitive commercial information, many companies use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in business to business relationships.  Employees may also be subject to confidentiality agreements designed to protect trade secrets and customer information.

At Nath Solicitors, our legal experts can draft clear, comprehensive NDAs designed to fully protect your commercial interests.  

Defining confidential information

One of the main obstacles to having a robust NDA drafted is defining what confidential information you need to protect.  Our solicitors take the time to speak in detail with our clients, establishing what they want to achieve with their confidentiality agreement.

Our agreements will be broad enough to capture all elements of your business and relationships you need to protect.  We will also ensure each term is water-tight, to prevent any potential miscommunication that could allow a breach to occur.


The contents of an NDA

A well-drafted NDA will:

  • precisely define the parties to the agreement
  • define what the confidential information is and who has access to it
  • the purpose the confidential information can be used for
  • how the confidential information should be stored
  • if, how and when the confidential information should be destroyed or returned to the party who owns it
  • consequences for breach of the agreement


If a breach occurs

If an NDA breach occurs, we can swiftly apply for an injunction to prevent sensitive commercial information being leaked to the press or competitors.  We can also vigorously pursue damages on your behalf if a breach of confidence has already occurred.

Let our solicitors take away the stress of protecting your confidential information and trade secrets by drafting clear-cut agreements and representing you if a breach occurs.

To discuss how we can assist you with drafting a non-disclosure agreement, please call our London office on 0203 983 8278 to make an appointment.


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