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If you or your business have been subjected to online defamation you have several legal options. But it’s crucial to act quickly, one thing you can’t do is ignore the offending material and hope it goes away.

A blog post, tweet, online comment or image can attract huge attention and potentially go viral. The damage which can be done to you or your commercial interests, even if something is shared among just a few key clients or personal acquaintances can be irreparable.

Protecting your confidentiality and reputation is our priority. To find out more about how we can manage your defamation matter, please contact our specialist defamation solicitors in London on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.

Specialist Online Defamation, Libel and Slander Advice

Nath Solicitors in London has developed a high level of expertise in the fast-changing area of defamation law. And we have helped numerous individuals and businesses over many years. We work closely with clients to quickly limit the fallout from internet defamation and any breach of confidentiality. In appropriate cases, we will also pursue damages. We concentrate on getting results quickly, minimising or preventing any damage that has been caused.

Who do I sue for internet defamation?

The law is complex. Our focus in every case is to get the offending material taken down as quickly as we can. This includes seeking urgent removal from search engine results.

Our first step is to approach the person who posted the material (if known). We will also approach the publisher – the website operator or host – who may have an interest in removing material because of their potential liability under UK defamation law.

Our initial letter will:

  • – State the precise nature of the defamation.
  • – Request the immediate removal of the material from all internet locations in which it appears.
  • – Indicate our intention to instigate legal proceedings if our requests are not met.

We understand that for many the cost of bringing a full-blown legal case is prohibitive. The good news is that for many of our clients the first letter from us has the desired result – the offending material is removed.

If there is a refusal to take down the material, you may have to start proceedings but we will advise you fully of your options at this stage. Cases of this nature are sensitive – we understand how to handle them, negotiating tactfully but forcefully to achieve the result you are looking for.

Defamation Legal Advice in England & Wales

At Nath Solicitors in London, our defamation lawyers step in to protect your reputation, brand or image when it’s attacked – or is in danger of being attacked. We also act for defendants – individuals and companies – in libel and slander actions.

We have an in-depth understanding of defamation law and the defences available and act for those accused of slander or libel and people or organisations that are the victims of defamatory statements. We are a small, niche team, who are experts in what we do. We have significant experience in helping our clients with online and social media defamation, offering a fast response to help control the crisis.

Protecting your confidentiality and reputation is our priority. To find out more about how we can manage your defamation matter, please call Nath Solicitors on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online. You can also read our defamation frequently asked questions here.

Please note, we are unable to provide assistance for public sector or employment related defamation issues. 


In the digital era, defamation is more prominent than ever. Blog posts, tweets, online comments, images and even Google reviews can cause significant damage to your reputation – and can go viral in minutes. You need a legal team with specialism, experience and understanding. Nath Solicitors can help.


If your organisation has suffered online defamation, or you have personally suffered internet defamation that could be damaging to your reputation, it is important to act quickly. There are a number of legal options available to you, but it is vital to take swift action to minimise the damage caused by internet defamation. Even when online defamation is not widely shared, we know that even online material shared with a few key clients or connections can cause irreparable damage to an organisation, or to your career. There is no time to delay, contact our experts.


Social media moves quickly, and if you have suffered social media defamation, the fallout can be devastating. Malicious and damaging content can be shared quickly, and the reach of damaging comments and content is extensive. Swift action is required, and our lawyers are responsive and experienced in controlling social media catastrophe for our clients.


If you have suffered online, social media or internet defamation you must act with urgency. Speak to Nath Solicitors immediately – our lawyers will work swiftly to put a strategy in place to protect you.

We will initially take steps to have the offending material removed as far as possible, including urgent removal from search engine results. We approach both the individual posting or sharing the material, as well as the platform or website operator.

Once the material is removed, we can then build a strategy to help you seek apology and compensation for damage suffered. Where court action is required, we provide excellent representation and can help you seek an injunction. We can also assist with ensuring that such malicious content is not posted in the future.


Our ability to act quickly and decisively when required sets us apart from many other defamation law firms. If you are seeking to prevent publication of material it is essential to act urgently. Our team is set up and designed to get to grips with the legal context of your case quickly and respond to tight deadlines. Whether we need to issue an injunction application or we are able to negotiate a pre-publication deal depends on the facts of your case. Either way, we are available at short notice to provide robust and practical legal guidance.


When defamatory material is already out there in the public domain our priorities are different, it’s all about minimising the damage. This could be achieved by securing a quick removal of the offending content, pushing for a retraction, an apology or clarification. In certain cases, you may want to seek monetary damages or other forms of compensation.


We can advise on the different remedies available to you whether the defamatory material is:


Contact our online defamation, slander and libel solicitors in London

If you or your business have been the victim of online defamation, contact our specialist defamation solicitors for advice on 0203 983 8278 or contact us online.


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    Examples of our recent work

    Acted successfully in an action against a Website Owner who had made a website about our client which contained false and defamatory allegations against him including that he was involved in scams/money laundering/fraud and that he had several extramarital relationships.

    Acted successfully and obtained judgment in the case of Daniel Olukoya and Folashade Olukoya V Maureen Badejo (2021); a case of defamation and harassment. The case involved approximately over 200 videos and posts across over 10 social media channels made by the Defendant against the Claimants. Overwhelming judgment with damage in favour of Claimants.

    Acted successfully for an Eastern Television Network who was the defendant in an action for defamation brought by an individual high-profile claimant; the action was dismissed.

    Acted for an individual claimant in a defamation action brought against him by other individuals in connection with missing funds relating to a charity.


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