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Our London-based commercial and contract solicitors understand the opportunities and risks associated with joint venture agreements. We have over 30 years’ experience in advising on cross-border and local projects involving multiple stakeholders. It has given us the commercial insight required to create robust, joint venture agreements that drive projects forward.

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Getting the foundations right

When it comes to getting a joint venture agreement right, preparation is key. There are multiple factors to consider when drafting a joint venture agreement, including:

  • the structure of the joint venture (its ownership, corporate structure, voting rights, governance)
  • the objectives of the project
  • the contributions of each party (including capital, resources, expertise)
  • ownership of intellectual property
  • allocation of profits and losses
  • how disputes will be resolved
  • the distribution of risks and liabilities
  • liabilities of the joint venture partners to each other and indemnities
  • tax considerations

Our partner-led team will examine every aspect of the proposed joint venture before negotiation and drafting begins. To save time and make the process as cost-effective as possible, we will draft a detailed Heads of Terms, so all parties have a clear roadmap of the intended final agreement.

Contact our Specialist Joint Venture Agreement and Contract Lawyers London

At Nath Solicitors we are business people first and lawyers second. Our depth of commercial knowledge and experience enable us to produce joint venture agreements that strongly safeguard your position. But we also ensure they are flexible enough to weather changing partner circumstances and fluctuating political and economic conditions.

And we do so always with an eye on your goal: to create a joint venture agreement that facilitates project completion on time, on budget, and meeting or exceeding forecasted profits.

To discuss how we can assist you with drafting/negotiating joint venture agreements, call our London office on 0203 983 8278 to make an appointment or contact us online.





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