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Defamation Lawyers in London: Case Studies

Below are case studies of successful defamation actions by our defamation law experts. If you believe you are facing similar issues with defamatory posts o rmessages made against you online, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us using the contact page.

Removal of fake online reviews that were harming our business owner client

We acted for the owner of a nursery in a defamation case.  Our client had experienced an increase in false and defamatory fake reviews on their Google My Business page. The material caused significant distress to our client and had the potential to damage their reputation.

We wrote to Google explaining that the reviews were fake and left by a competitor to diminish our client’s five-star ratings from genuine clients and asked for the fake and defamatory reviews to be removed.

With our quick response, we were able to minimise the amount of distress and commercial damage our client was suffering.

Removal of defamatory material and securing undertaking not to republish

Our client (the claimant in the case) had been at school with the defendant.  Our client was being defamed by the defendant on social media (Instagram and Snapchat). The defendant had also caused videos of our client to be circulated online. The untrue allegations were of the most serious nature, including the allegation that our client was a rapist and a paedophile.

Following a carefully worded letter from us pointing out the serious legal repercussions to the defendant of publishing the material, all posts were removed, and the defendant agreed never to repeat the harmful allegations.

Preventing disclosure of highly sensitive personal information

We acted for the Claimant in this case who had been in an online relationship with the defendant for four years. The two had only met once in person during this time.

When our client ended the relationship, the defendant threatened to disclose their relationship to our client’s wife and share private and intimate images of our client with his friends and colleagues.

The defendant also began to harass our client constantly threatening that she would disclose images of a kind that would ruin him, his wife and his family.

This case involved sensitive legal issues of private information and misuse of private information and revenge porn. With our careful and sensitive handling the matter was resolved between the parties and the defendant was persuaded to delete all images.

Securing removal of defamatory online reviews about a high-profile dental surgeon

Our client is one of the UK’s leading celebrity dentists specialising in general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening and gum health. He also has a widely recognised expertise in complex restorative, aesthetic and implant dentistry with advanced aesthetics which include dermal fillers for wrinkle reduction and lip enhancement.

The Defendant was a patient of our client and visited to receive treatment for a crown. After several check-ups the defendant expressed satisfaction with the service. Our client was therefore surprised when the defendant filed a complaint with General Dental Council (the GDC).

After the complaint was filed several false and highly defamatory reviews appeared on our client’s Google My Business page and Trustpilot profile under false names.

Our client recognised that these defamatory reviews had been posted by the defendant because the content of the reviews was the same as the complaint that the defendant had filed with the GDC.

We wrote a detailed letter before claim to the defendant and explained how her reviews were false, malicious, and defamatory. We also explained how her reviews would negatively impact our client’s reputation and cause serious financial harm to its business. We explained that our client would hold the defendant liable should legal action be taken.

Following receipt of our letter, the defendant deleted all the reviews under each fake name.

Defending high profile YouTuber against allegations of harassment and defamation

Our client is a popular YouTuber with over 9 million views and 23,000 subscribers. We defended him against a claim brought by a participant (the Claimant) in her new YouTube show.

While the show was being recorded, the Claimant and our client disagreed on several points. This was unsurprising as they held conflicting views on the topic under discussion.

After the live stream, short video clips of the heated discussions in the show began to circulate around social media.

Our client reposted the short video clips on her channel.

The Claimant then wrote a letter before action to our client accusing her of harassment and defamation.

We wrote to the Claimant’s solicitor debunking their letter before action.

We explained our client’s position, stating that:

  • The Claimant knew the type of content created on the client’s channel before joining the show,
  • The Claimant knew that that the show would be streamed live.
  • We required proof from the Claimant that harassment had in fact arisen from the live stream, or the short clips that were circulating online.
  • We required proof any serious harm caused by the live stream or the short video clips.

Our client did offer to use her best efforts to remove the short video clips circulating to resolve matters and bring these to an end.

Fashion Retailer Defamation Dispute:

Nath Solicitors assisted an online fashion designer retailer facing defamation from a business competitor on Instagram. The competitor had made false and damaging statements about the authenticity of the retailer’s products, leading to doubts among existing customers and potential business partners. Initially, the retailer tried to contact Instagram to remove the defamatory posts but was unsuccessful. Nath Solicitors stepped in and provided evidence of the products’ authenticity to counter the false claims. They also initiated communication with the anonymous competitor and issued a cease and desist letter. This approach led to the removal of the defamatory posts and an apology, alleviating concerns about product authenticity.

Investor Defamation Resolution:

In this case, Nath Solicitors represented a professional investor who had invested in a company managed by the defendant. When the investor sought to redeem their investment, their relationship with the defendant deteriorated, and the defendant created a defamatory website making baseless accusations against the investor, including claims of criminal activity and fraud. Nath Solicitors issued a detailed letter before claim, emphasizing the defamatory nature of the allegations and the harm caused to the investor’s reputation. While the defendant initially resisted, legal proceedings were initiated. Eventually, a settlement agreement was reached, which included the removal of the defamatory website and a commitment from the defendant to refrain from making further defamatory statements. This resolution prevented potentially irreparable damage to the investor’s career and reputation in the investment industry.

Building Company Threat Response:

Nath Solicitors handled a case involving anonymous threats sent to a building company and the claimants. The defendant threatened to publish false and defamatory statements in local newspapers, accusing the building company of being “bogus builders” and warning people against using their services. Given the malicious nature of these threats, Nath Solicitors successfully wrote to the defendant to address the issue. This intervention prevented the publication of damaging statements, especially considering the underlying litigation between the claimants and the defendant.

Hospitality Company Online Defamation Resolution:

A refund dispute with a hospitality management company turned into online defamation against Nath Solicitors’ client, a hospitality management company that managed a Golf and Country Club. The defendant, a former customer, initiated a campaign of defamation, making false claims and encouraging others to do the same after requesting a refund for a booking made with the company before it went into liquidation. Despite explanations, the defendant persisted with the defamation campaign. Nath Solicitors intervened, issuing a letter to address the false allegations. The result was the removal of defamatory posts and the cessation of the defendant’s harmful conduct.

Google Review Defamation Mitigation:

Nath Solicitors represented a professional and a company that had been targeted with false and defamatory reviews on their Google Review page. The defendant used a fake Google account to post a review in Polish, which alleged a lack of professionalism, poor-quality services, and negligence regarding inheritance matters in Poland. Nath Solicitors successfully dealt with this unpleasant situation and had the defamatory content removed.

Church Defamation and Harassment Resolution:

Nath Solicitors acted on behalf of a church whose reputation was under relentless attack from the defendant on social media. The defendant made false allegations on platforms like Facebook and a website, including claims of being a cult, theft, and controlling behavior. Nath Solicitors intervened, demanding the defendant cease these actions and seek undertakings to prevent legal action. The harassment was successfully stopped through legal intervention.

Aesthetic Clinic Defamation Challenge:

Nath Solicitors represented a reputable aesthetic clinic and its aesthetics doctor, who faced defamation following a client’s appointment. The client posted a highly defamatory review, alleging negligence and improper conduct related to COVID-19 safety measures. Nath Solicitors responded by refuting the allegations and citing legal precedent. They sought remedies, leading to the removal of the review and an apology, protecting the clinic’s reputation.

Social Media Manager Harassment Resolution:

In this case, a social media manager turned harasser initiated defamation against an aesthetics practitioner, accusing her of copying and plagiarizing on Instagram. Nath Solicitors intervened, leading to the removal of defamatory posts and an apology from the defendant, putting an end to the harassment.

Nursery False Content Removal:

Nath Solicitors represented a nursery facing false and malicious content on social media platforms, particularly Google My Business and the nursery’s website. The defendant’s actions were causing significant distress and potential harm to the nursery’s reputation. Nath Solicitors successfully had all the defamatory posts removed.

YouTube Defamation Resolution:

Nath Solicitors handled a defamation and harassment case on behalf of a client who faced false and highly defamatory statements on a YouTube channel. These statements included accusations of fraud, money laundering, and misrepresentation. Through legal action, Nath Solicitors compelled the journalist to remove the defamatory content, which was crucial due to political implications and staff concerns.

Kitchen Worktop Company False Accusations Mitigation:

A reputable kitchen worktop installation company sought Nath Solicitors’ assistance when a customer falsely accused them of damaging a worktop and subsequently harassed them with threats and messages. The dissatisfied customer posted defamatory reviews on the company’s Google Business page and Trustpilot. Nath Solicitors successfully addressed the false allegations, leading to the removal of defamatory posts.

Diamond Art Company Defamation and Harassment Resolution:

Nath Solicitors represented a reputable diamond art company facing defamation and harassment from a former customer. The customer engaged in a campaign of defamation on social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, causing significant distress and harm to the company’s reputation. Nath Solicitors intervened, and the defendant agreed to resolve the matter by deleting defamatory content and removing a private Facebook group created to harm the company’s reputation.</p


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