Hygienists are an integral part of any practice. But sometimes their employment status is unclear. It is essential to clarify terms of engagement ahead of employment to avoid any costly legal dispute in the future. Nath Solicitors in London specialises in this area. We can help.


Most dental hygienists tend to work on a self-employed basis, although this may not always be the case. As with dental associates , it is vital that your contract accurately reflects the nature of the hygienist’s employment to avoid unwanted employment law implications.

A professionally drafted agreement, tailored to the specific needs of the hygienist and the practice will not only take into consideration general legal requirements, it will also take into account the specific requirements of each party to the contract.

By investing upfront in a legally watertight agreement you could avoid potential disputes that may disrupt the operation of your practice and could be very costly.

Each party should be clear at the outset what their respective positions are and what terms they have agreed to. This should always be set out in writing so that in the event of a dispute, employment terms are clear.


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