Lease Testimonial from Doctor

Shubha has taken all the stress and anxiety away from me by helping me renegotiate my existing lease with my landlord. I have found her service to be excellent, thorough and above all she has always put my needs first. Dr A. Patel.

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Testimonial From Dr Chetan

“I would like to thank and recommend Nath Solicitors and Shubha personally for all your professional advice and help.  We have a variety of business interests from Medical and Dental to Analytics and Artificial Intelligence; I am extremely impressed how Shubha has been able to advise in all of these fields for a variety of unrelated projects.  We have been particularly impressed with hard work, dedication, professional approach and personal touch. Dr Chetan.”

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Dr Aldarwish ( International client)


I live in Saudi Arabia.

Although thousands of kilometers separated us, I picked up the phone and talked to Shubha and I asked her to help me in what I believed was a fraud case. She answered gladly. She was smart, honest, and professional; she has been receiving my calls, letters and emails for more than one month did not seem to mind at what time I communicated with her and it was any time and she always responded quickly.

Shubha won my case and brought back to me , my money ( a  significant amount) stolen from me by an Internet company.

My tongue is unable to thank you ma’am Shubha Nath.

I wish you all the best


Dr Abdelmunim Aldarwish

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MD of Security Company Dispute Resolution Testimonial

We are pleased to note our satisfaction with the standard of service, offered to us by qualified and efficient team of Nath Solicitors. This is a Firm with high integrity and strong, traditional, values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction but don’t just take their word for it, take time to review their customer testimonials.

Shubha Nath, who has been providing services to our company, has shown how passionate she is about her job and has delivered a high level of professional service. The Company provides dynamic, professional, and high quality support.

Also, we would like to commend the vision of Nath Solicitors which is to establish long term Client focused relationships where honesty, enthusiasm and integrity are paramount. Their experience and understanding of the law helps them to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Kind regards

Mr Omair

Managing Director

Security company

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Director of a Food Company


Client comment on company incorporation and advice on a  shareholders agreement prepared by Shubha Nath.

We felt well advised and Shubha protected our interests immaculately and we are truly very grateful to her for all her help in securing our interests. Director Food Company.


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Data Protection and IT Testimonial


We have used Nath Solicitors Limited last year for our data protection compliance training and I found Shubha to be a thorough professional.  She delivered customised training and also helped us setup/update our IT policies. I would surely recommend Nath Solicitors to my contacts.

Head of Information Technology in  a large company in the automotive sector.

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Dr Janet Brill

“I am a citizen of the United States and was having a legal issue with an unscrupulous art/antique dealer in London. Not knowing where to begin to try and resolve this problem (I had paid and received for (in my opinion) a fraudulent piece of artwork), I looked up solicitors in London, online. I contacted several, but it was Shubha who immediately responded to my query. She was incredibly helpful in resolving the (in my opinion) fraudulent transaction, which led to me receiving a full refund. When I offered to pay her for her time, she suggested I donate the money to the UK Parkinson’s charity. I am so grateful that there are good, kind and ethical people in the world and that I found such a person in Shubha–to help me deal with a very upsetting issue. I would highly recommend Shubha Nath and Nath Solicitors for anyone seeking to resolve their legal issues.”
-Dr Janet Brill

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Despite being in business for over 15 years I still feel like a novice when negotiating agreements. Partner agreements tend to be full of terms I don’t understand let alone agree to with some awareness. So it was refreshing to have someone patiently help me through the process of unpicking a partner agreement. I found Shubha accessible, responsive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure I got the service I needed. I will definitely call on Shubha again.

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I have found Shubha to be easily contactable and very responsive. She has great knowledge and experience also! She understands how business’s work and makes things relevant and easy to understand. We are a new business and her assistance so far has been invaluable. We will be contacting you again Shubha!

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We contacted Nath Solicitors initially for the preparation of a Partnership agreement. In the first instance it was very nice for our agreement and queries to be prepared and dealt with by Shubha directly and not a team of Paralegals or Graduates that we have had to contend with whilst using other firms. It was quite obvious from our initial conversations with Shubha that she was very experienced and professional. The Partnership agreement was arranged with communication directly between the Partners and Shubha which was great value for money. Following on from this we have contacted Nath Solicitors furthermore and Shubha has now arranged a Shareholder agreement for us, with the same excellent service and value for money.

It is great to finally have a Solicitor who is always available to answer any queries personally. I have also contacted Shubha on several occasions for quick legal advice, which has always been provided straight away to me with no fuss. Will definitely recommend.

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