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Our data advisory and risk assessment services for businesses include:

Compliance review

A review of all personal data processing undertaken by the organisation, looking at data entry and exit points into an organisation. This includes risk assessments and analyses. We provide audit reports for remedial actions.

Review of websites

A review of the content and operation of websites, including privacy policies and marketing consents such as relevant opt-in and opt-out clauses. We make recommendations where necessary in line with Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.

Review of commercial contracts

This is especially important for IT contracts, ensuring data loss policies and procedures for reporting security breach incidents are in place so that a situation can be managed before the company’s reputation is damaged.

Policies and procedures

Drafting policies and procedures for full DP compliance, and drafting agreements for transfer of data out of EEA (SCC).


Providing data protection training to companies and employees.

We recognise that different businesses have different needs, and we tailor our services based on the size of the business, the industry the business operates in and the business’s goals, among other factors. We can guide you on protecting valuable data and safeguarding your clients’ personal information.

Data Breach

A breach that results in the misappropriation or misuse of data can prove costly for a business. Not only is there a possibility of financial loss, there is the potential for damage to the business’s reputation and the loss of client trust. Sound data protection policies and procedures can prevent breaches and all related losses.

If a data breach is known or suspected, we can advise businesses on how to respond. Our goal in these cases is to mitigate the damage and take steps to prevent similar breaches from occurring in the future. When appropriate, we can pursue litigation in order to recover damages.

You can be confident in our commercial and corporate law firm’s ability to keep your business’s data safe.


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