Data Protection

Data Protection Solicitors in London Dulwich

Our level of expertise in technology contracts leaves us very enviably placed to advise in respect of   matters concerning the collection processing storage and use of personal data.

We have seen that good data usage brings new opportunities for businesses and that businesses who have good policies and procedures in place have great strategic advantage to take a lead in their market place. We have already seen this with existing clients who understand and respect good data usage and accordingly have brought new offerings to their market place both for consumers and for other businesses.

We advise multinationals, large trade organisations and small to medium sized businesses on all aspects of protection and e-privacy laws affecting their businesses. We have assisted businesses with compliance health checks and putting in place documents, procedures, policies and staff training to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws.

We also advise businesses in considering ISO 27001 and other standards for information security management systems when considering their data.

You can be confident in our commercial and corporate law firm’s ability to keep your business’s data safe.

Businesses should also act now and consider reviewing their communications practices and policies to ensure they are compliant with data protection and e Privacy laws when dealing with third parties and particularly when collecting consents (whether opt out or opt in) for data usage.

As part of our data protection expertise we have also developed a strong practice in Database Rights and Database Agreements and we advise on database rights and agreements for access to and use of information in databases.