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A well drafted contract at the outset of a transaction can result in significant advantages to your business. Because contracts are a risk minimization tool. Because they set out the parties understanding of their transaction.

Look at some of the disputes that have resulted from not having a contract. Because a lack of contracts, may result in expensive lengthy litigation, contracts are therefore an invaluable investment

Contracts may be preceded by a memorandum of understanding between the parties.

Most of all a good solicitor should not only understand your business. In addition they should also be able to anticipate and advise you of issues which may affect your business and the contract. Issues you may not have thought of. Because we take time to understand your business needs. Therefore, we will advise you on additional matters you may not have considered as part of your transaction.  Most of all matters which will be strategically advantageous for your business. Why?  Because they will almost likely give your business the leading edge in negotiations.

We have spent over 20 years working in the business environment. Most of all with senior management of national and international companies. We are experts at drafting commercial agreements.  Our lawyers are highly experienced having conducted large scale multi million pound transactions. Furthermore, having negotiated drafted and advised on the contracts for those for both the national and international markets.

Therefore, being experienced and business savvy we are well placed to help your business achieve best possible deal.

We can assist with the following and anything else that you may need a contract for.  Especially relevant are

  • Contract for sale of goods
  • Contract for purchase of goods
  • Standard terms and conditions sale and purchase
  • Distribution Agreements ( exclusive/nonexclusive/selective exclusive/sole)
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Introduction agreements

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