“I am a citizen of the United States and was having a legal issue with an unscrupulous art/antique dealer in London. Not knowing where to begin to try and resolve this problem (I had paid and received for (in my opinion) a fraudulent piece of artwork), I looked up solicitors in London, online. I contacted several, but it was Shubha who immediately responded to my query. She was incredibly helpful in resolving the (in my opinion) fraudulent transaction, which led to me receiving a full refund. When I offered to pay her for her time, she suggested I donate the money to the UK Parkinson’s charity. I am so grateful that there are good, kind and ethical people in the world and that I found such a person in Shubha–to help me deal with a very upsetting issue. I would highly recommend Shubha Nath and Nath Solicitors for anyone seeking to resolve their legal issues.”
-Dr Janet Brill