As they say, there are two sides to every story. Never more so than getting into a dispute whether as a landlord or a tenant. The bottom line can ultimately be costly and damaging for both parties.


If it’s a commercial property dispute, then things can escalate to the point that landlords face lost income and stress of solving issues, and tenants are aggrieved at the lack of communications and decide to get awkward in the face of a growing row with a landlord.


Whatever, the length, breadth and width of a commercial property dispute, Nath Solicitors are here to ensure that first and foremost the only way is resolution. We can advise both landlords and tenants on their rights, and also on a host of dispute areas.


Disputes and litigation come in all manner of shapes and sizes so it’s imperative that rather than take a hard-line attitude and digging your heels in, you seek out Nath Solicitors.


We can provide cost-effective, efficient solutions for your needs and ensure your interests and expectations are met in any dispute.



From the landlord’s point of view, these areas of concern can include:


Buildings change of use, damage, extensions and disrepair

Contract reviews and breaches


Lease negotiation, renewal, extension and termination

Recovery of service charges

Recovery of possession

Rent reviews/rent arrears

Advice on Landlord and Tenant Act 1954



Our wealth of commercial experience means the prosperity of your business is at the forefront of our minds. We have experience in acting for  retail, offices, restaurants, bars and warehouses.


Nath Solicitors are experienced in the area of commercial property litigation and we will always advise you on the best course of action. Whether this is about repairs, mediation, pathways to avoid costly court actions or advising tenants and landlords of their obligations, we can do them all.



As a respected commercial law firm, Nath Solicitors is all too well aware of how commercial property tenants can be left horribly exposed in a dispute with a landlord.


We are skilled in focusing on identifying potential legal pitfalls before harmful disputes arise. We spot what might be wrong with the structures you have in place, the contracts, what your rights are and your boundaries.


Our size means you will receive the highest quality, personal service from a solicitor who will consult and keep you informed throughout the process.


We also provide an after sales care service and can assist with matters such as building insurance, service charge issues, lease extensions, restrictive covenants and boundary issues.


Legal representation in court

Whether a landlord or a tenant, we can represent either side in a dispute, to bring or defend a claim before the County Court or the High Court.


County Court: These deal with civil matters up to the value of £100,000 in such matters as claims for debt repayment and breach of contract in relation to goods or property.


High Court: High Court claims are usually for important, higher value or complex litigation; we can assist with all kinds of High Court claims including breach of contract and property related claims


Our hands-on business experience means we can analyse the complicated legal issues that arise in commercial situations. Our priority is to communicate these straightforwardly, free of legal jargon.


No one likes to go to court. It’s expensive and time consuming and incredibly stressful. So if you’re at the end of your tether and need advice in a commercial property legal dispute, then call us now.