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As the demand for personal protection grows the need for enhanced security screening is more important than ever. In the UK the Security Industry Association (SIA) provides a degree of regulation. But with more than 14,000 association-licensed close protection officers to choose from it can be hard to ensure you employ legitimate, trained bodyguards that are right for you.


At Nath Solicitors in London we are experts in carrying out the due diligence process for security personnel and preparing the contracts to ensure you have peace of mind.

We ensure you know exactly who you are employing or hiring  to act as your close protection officer, bodyguard or chauffeur.  We prepare all the necessary contracts and carry out due diligence so you have peace of mind.

The British Standards Institution’s BS7858 is the benchmark we work towards. It sets out best practice for screening staff where the safety of people or property is essential or where sensitive data or confidential information is at risk of unauthorized disclosure. The kind of checks we carry out include:

  • The industry background of applicant
  • A full SIA check
  • A criminal record check (CRB)
  • Medical history
  • Whether the individual has advanced driving qualifications
  • Employment history – is the individual ex military or former royal protection squad? What is their hands-on experience in a security environment? Will you benefit from a lifetime of skills training?
  • Whether there are any gaps in employment history. If so, is there an adequate explanation?
  • Are applicants trained in the correct use of force? In the UK close protection officers cannot carry arms so they must be able to diffuse tense situations through negotiation and other skilled methods of conflict resolution.
  • Character references – we check every detail and verify referees
  • Previous career and whether there are extensive periods of continuous employment
  • Evidence of county court judgments and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Credit history
  • Whether the individual appears on the electoral roll



For many international business people and others who choose to settle in London with their families, there is a genuine, ever-present threat of kidnap and physical harm. From a commercial perspective hard-earned reputations can be irreparably damaged if private information gets into the wrong hands.

Would you leave your child with someone you didn’t know? Or entrust key business personnel or data to a stranger? If you don’t run background and other checks on close protection officers before employing them that is effectively what you are doing.

In addition to the 14,000 SIA licensees mentioned above, there are many unregulated individuals offering security services too. Remember:  

  • Potential security officers might exaggerate the potential threat to you and offer an inappropriate level of protection
  • A close protection officer who is unregulated and who has not been subject to extensive security screening poses a risk to you, your children, other family members and your business associates
  • An unscrupulous individual can use his or her position for personal gain and compromise you
  • There is always the risk of damaging security breaches

To find our more about our security contracts and services call +44 (0) 203 670 5540  or contact us online.


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