If you or your business have been subjected to online defamation you have several legal options. But it’s crucial to act quickly and one thing you can’t do is ignore the offending material.

A blogpost, tweet, other online comment or image might not attract huge attention or go viral. But the damage that can be done to you or your commercial interests even if something is shared among just a few key clients or personal acquaintances can be irreparable.



Nath Solicitors in London has developed a high level of expertise in this fast-changing area of law. And we have helped numerous individuals and businesses over many years. We work closely with clients to quickly limit the fallout from internet defamation and any breach of confidentiality. In appropriate cases we will also pursue damages. We concentrate on getting practical results quickly, minimising any damage that has been caused.



The law is complex. Our focus in every case is to get the offending material taken down as quickly as we can. This includes seeking its urgent removal from search engine results.

Our first step is to approach the person who posted the material (if known). We will also approach the publisher – the website operator or host – who may have an interest in removing material because of their potential liability under UK defamation law.

Our initial letter will:

  • State the precise nature of the defamation
  • Request the immediate removal of the material from all internet locations in which it appears
  • Indicate our intention to instigate legal proceedings if our requests are not met


We understand that for many the cost of bringing a full-blown legal case is prohibitive. The good news is that for many of our clients the first letter from us has the desired result – the offending material is removed.

If there is a refusal to take down the material you may have to start proceedings but we will advise you fully of your options at this stage. Cases of this nature are sensitive – we understand how to handle them, negotiating tactfully but forcefully to achieve the result you are looking for.



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