For more than 30 years members of the team at Nath Solicitors in London have represented individuals caught up in legal disputes of all kinds. So we know how unresolved legal disputes can take over your day-to-day life, affecting your work life and personal relationships. Our legal opinion can help you decide what action is appropriate in your case.

We work hard to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively, doing our best to preserve the relationship with the other party wherever possible.



What we do

We provide expert, practical legal advice to those involved in a range of private disputes, including:

  • property disputes – including neighbour and boundary disputes, lease disputes and claims under the Landlord and Tenant Act
  • claims of breach of contract – as specialists in contract law we can advise on enforceability of clauses and dispute resolution under the terms of the contract
  • debt repayment actions – we advise debtors and creditors on the practical issues affecting a money claim, including ascertaining whether a defendant has the resources to satisfy any judgment. We

Alternatives to court action

Going to the High Court or County Court is full of risk. It is also expensive. All our team is highly experienced an alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and negotiation. Alternative dispute resolution is usually a more cost effective and less stressful process than traditional courtroom litigation. Wherever possible, we will support you in resolving your disputes outside of court.

We understand being involved in a civil dispute can cause a great deal of upset. So our solicitors will work with you in a sensitive, empathetic manner, fighting your corner robustly to protect your interests.

To discuss how we can assist you with your personal legal matters, please call our London office on 0203 670 5540 or contact us online.