Statutory Demands and Winding Up Petitions

Statutory Demands and Winding Up.

We are highly experienced in debt collection and winding up actions.

We can assess your claim and let you know if it is suitable for the issuing of a statutory demand; in order to issue a statutory demand, the amount owed must not be disputed. If there is a dispute over monies owed, then the insolvency court will not be the correct court to hear your matter.

Assuming there is no dispute we will prepare and serve all the legal papers necessary for a winding up petition to proceed.

We have represented parties at the (Companies ) High Court successfully in obtaining winding up petitions.

We work with closely with liquidators and accountants where we believe that there are reasonable prospects of personal liability of directors; this is particularly in cases where Companies are left without funds once a potential claim appears on the horizon and the corporate veil may have been used to avoid payment obligations.

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