Organisations that ignore the risks posed to their data protection systems by security breaches do so at their peril. Even more so once the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force. Under the new ruling, not only is far greater transparency required when it comes to conveying information.about a breach to customers, firms are also more likely to be held liable and fines, if non-compliance or negligence is detected, are to be raised, meaning that up to 5% or 100 million Euro of a corporation’s total turnover could be forfeit. With so much at stake, data protection needs to be high on the list of strategic priorities.


Having the necessary systems and processes in place to minimise the risk of unauthorised access to and sharing of confidential details is essential, particularly if your company stores large amounts of customer, patient or client information (big data).   An externally facilitated risk assessment or audit can assist in determining where any weaknesses lie. This will allow your business to take pro-active steps to resolve the issue quickly, resulting in high-calibre data protection. This will ensure your data protection systems are robust.

If your organisation handles big data, or if you’re due an ICO audit and want to make sure everything is in ensure that positive results are achieved, Nath Solicitors can help.  We have extensive experience in auditing, consent notices, compliance, data protection policies and procedures. We are the ideal agency to help ensure your data is held, used and acquired using legally robust appropriate procedures.